The CITROEN WEEKEND, August 27-29 at Snetterton race circuit in Norfolk, brings together the 31st running of the CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race and the first event featuring CITROEN classic and current cars and vans.

Citroen Weekend – Important Good News

The lifting of many Covid restrictions on July 19th has been followed by quick action from circuit operators MSV and by the governing authority of motorsport, MSUK.

Camping at the circuit is now permitted:

MSV have advised that spectators can camp at the circuit on Friday and Saturday nights. They can arrive any time after 16.30 on the Friday afternoon.Tents, vans, campers, motorhomes and caravans are all welcome.


Spectators can access the race paddock:

MSUK have confirmed that spectators will be allowed into the race paddock area. This means that they can wander round the back of the race garages and watch the pit crews at work. It also means that they can access the showers block.


Discount Citroen Weekend passes offer extended:

It is now applied to any make and type of French car or van. Access the MSV ticket system:

CITROEN Classics ‘Show What You Bring’

Given the limited time now before the event, we have decided that the Classics display will have a ‘Show What You Bring’ format. We hope for a wide and eclectic range to be on display each day. If you are planning to bring a rather special classic Citroen car or van, then please let us know in advance and we’ll try to reserve a space.


The CITROEN Classics 'Show What You Bring' area has about 50 show spaces and is open from 10:00 - 16:00 on Saturday and Sunday. If you want your car or van to go on show, bring it to the display area as early as you can. Look for the display marshal.


CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race

At this stage there are over 30 race cars entered. The race starts at 17:00 on the Saturday and ends at, yes, 17.00 on Sunday. For those that cannot get to Snetterton, it will be webcast live on You Tube and BARC TV


Scroll through the pages for more info

Spectators Cars Drive-around

Spectator Drive-around will available in one session between 11:20 and 12:20 on the Saturday.

The link below is for the Citroen Parade Drivers and Passengers to get signed up.


Please share this link on social social media so people can get signed on pre event so there's no delays on the day.

CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race

The CITROEN Weekend will feature 31st running of the CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race. This is the UK’s longest running twice-round-the-clock motor race. A grid of over 30 cars, mainly CITROEN 2CV’s with some Classic MINI Grand cars, will try to go as fast as they can while staying out of trouble in the hope of being on the podium at the finish.

Each car has 3 or 4 drivers, of all ages and levels of experience. Some of them were in the first ever 2CV 24 Hour race. Others may have just passed their ARDS tests. The 2CV’s stop every two hours or so to take on fuel, change drivers and deal with any problems. 


Adam Lines

2CV Race Testing and Qualifying on Friday


If you arrive on the Friday, you can watch testing sessions during the afternoon, then in the evening from 19:00 watch the 2CV daylight and night-time qualifying.


On the Saturday there will be the first ever 1 Litre Club class race, a 3.5 hour enduro, plus two MX5 races.

The CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race should start at 17:00 on Saturday, run twice round the clock and finish at 17:00 on Sunday. 


The race can be viewed from the banking after the bridge, with Brundle, Nelson and Bomb Hole bends in sight, (grandstand, wi-fi and toilets nearby). Another good place is the banking near Murrays (again with grandstand, wi-fi and toilets). 


Read more about CITROEN Classic 2CV Racing at

Click here to download your copy of the race programme

CITROEN Classic 'Show What You Bring' Cars & Vans Display

Citroen Weekend is organised by Classic 2CV Racing Club Ltd in partnership with Citroen UK, 2CVGB, Citroen Car Club, MSV and others. ​Everyone is welcome, with designated parking areas for Club and group members.


The weekend will blend an extensive parking and camping area with the central display of CITROEN cars and vans, classic and contemporary. The display will be open from 10:00 to 16:00 on both Saturday and Sunday.

All kinds, types and ages of Citroen cars and vans are invited. And if you arrive in any other make, you will be equally welcome.